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School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at theUniversity of New York at Buffalo Admissions Conference

报告人 (Speaker)Dr JamesM. O'Donnell, Professor and Dean of the School of Pharmacy and PharmaceuticalSciences at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, NY, USA.

题目 (Title): Educational program at theSchool of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, University at Buffalo, StateUniversity of New York

时间 (Time)201765上午09:30

地点 (Place):敏行楼316(护理系教室)


会议内容 (Conference Content )


Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Ourpharmaceutical sciences program provides instruction and research training indiverse aspects of drug action including drug discovery and drug evaluation,examined at the molecular, genomic, biochemical, biological, and clinicallevels through an interdisciplinary curriculum individualized to the needs ofeach student.Emphasis on clinical andlaboratory research focusing on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, dosage formdesign, physiochemical and biological aspects of drug action, drug metabolism,and drug toxicity.

Studentsinterested in the pharmaceutical sciences can chose to enter via theundergraduate BS degree program or through various graduate programs such asBS/MS, MS, PhD, and postdoctoral positions.

Our PhD graduates, in particular, are highly sought after by the pharmaceutical andbiotech industries.


Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

ThePharmD program is a four-year professional program, following undergraduatepre-pharmacy coursework.It is aprofessional degree that enables one to work as a pharmacist, interacting withpatients and other health care practitioners for matters involving treatment bymedications.

Our PharmD graduates are among the most sought-after in thecountry. As part of a program thatpromotes excellence, integrity, and leadership, we prepare the pharmacist as atherapeutic drug manager to be a member of the health-care team.Ourgraduates pursue many career options, including community pharmacy, hospital-or clinic-based practice, and at universities, government agencies, andpharmaceutical and biotech companies.Many receive advanced training in order to work with specificpopulations ranging from newborns to the elderly, as well as to focus inspecialties such as cardiology and infectious disease.


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